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Is there potential for improvements and promotions in the rebar business?

Are there enough positions within this specific business to get a comfortable promotion or are these few and far between? Are raises even a potential or not commonly? #career #rebar #worker

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2 answers

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Stone’s Answer

Whether or not it is easy, I believe there is always potential for improvement and promotion in any industry. What I would say is make sure you put in the effort because that's the only real way to "move up". Make sure you do not call out, for any reason, as much as possible -- if you accrue sick time, please utilize that and do not take unexcused time off.

Make sure you listen to your superior and acknowledge when they speak to you. Ask questions if you aren't sure about something, in order to make sure you always do something right the first time. If you make a mistake, own it, and then move on and learn from it as fast as you can without lingering on it; everyone makes mistakes; you ARE going to make a mistake, probably a few, but it's okay -- mistakes are how we learn how to improve ourselves, and how you react to mistake is how you decide what kind of person you want to be.

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Ryan’s Answer

Yes I would say there are opportunities to grow and be promoted in the rebar business. If you start out as a rebar tying specialist or rebar fabricator, you can grow to become a specialist or someone who trains people on the practice. You could wind up managing a team or moving higher up in the contractor world. It depends how driven you are and letting your supervisors know what you would like to do and how you can get there. Raises are definitely a potential.

Ryan recommends the following next steps:

Speak to people working in the rebar business
Ask them what roles they've been involved with
Talk to managers of the roles and see how long they've been there