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Can you describe a typical day for a rebar worker?

From things like the work load to when you get up and have a lunch break or anything particularly unique to this job. #career #rebar #worker

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2 answers

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Stone’s Answer

Duties & Responsibilities
On a typical day, a reinforcing iron and rebar worker's tasks might include:

-Reading blueprints or looking at sketches to determine how to install rebar or mesh
-Figuring out the quantity, size, and shapes of reinforcing rods and determining where to place them
-Preparing rebar and mesh for installation using metal shears, hacksaws, and torches
-Bending or welding rebar together
-Installing cables
-Using pliers to tie wire around rods to fasten them together
-Positioning and securing rods, cables, mesh, or rebar in concrete forms


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Ryan’s Answer

A typical job as a rebar worker depends what sort of rebar work you are doing. If you are fabricating rebar, selling/shipping rebar, or working directly with rebar can have different types of days. Typically with all of them though, the day will be very early. Rebar is tied in with construction and construction starts work very early. Typically up and on the jobsite by 6-7 in the morning. There are work breaks in most jobs. If you are fabricating, you'll be shaping and bending rebar to specifications. Using machinery and computers to build the specific rebar pieces. If you are selling/shipping rebar, you might be loading trucks, unloading trucks, making deliveries, etc. If you are tying rebar or working on a job site you will be placing and setting rebar for concrete pours.

Ryan recommends the following next steps:

Find rebar workers in your local area
See if you can shadow them for a day
Go to a construction supply store that sells rebar
Tell them you are interested in the industry and if there is anyone you could talk to