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How did you found out that you wanted to get into this job?

How did working with and around rebar interest you or was this a job that was just available? #career #rebar #worker

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2 answers

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Louis’s Answer

Love this question! This is the best question i've come across.
Well, where i'm from, things works a bit different. Atleast back in my time, when i was finishing up high school, and taking up college, we didn't spend enough time as a kid to explore stuff. Didn't spend time to understand what we are passionate about. And that resulted in my choosing a line of study that my parents asked me to choose, as i entered college.
So, i took up engineering, and later in life chose the career of a software engineer. You now what, Its not bad at all!
But trust me, if you don't choose a line of work or career through passion or interests, then you just keep working for the sake of working.
Now, I see you are already wondering what career to choose in life! And that's fantastic. Really!
1. I would suggest you spend time thinking what you like to do in life. How much every small or big it may be!
2. Start spending time learning and/or working around that. So you can feel if you are passionate about it. Talk to ppl in that area of work, and get your questions answered
3. If that interests you and you feel good about it, then understand how can you stay engaged with that work, as a student.
4. Keep following your passion.

Good luck!

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Sushma’s Answer

It all started after listening to a session given by some Alumini members when I was in Engineering. These people spoke about their experience of being in IT and working on various domains. One thing that interested me most during this conversation was the role of network admin. How they get to design, build networks, how they keep themselves engaged with troubleshooting. At the same time I had this subject called "computer networks" that started making more sense in understanding how things connect and communicate be it wired or wireless. After engineering I did get the opportunity to work in the same domain and so started building my career in the same field.

Sushma recommends the following next steps:

Always look for your interests
Talk to people, seniors working in the same field as your interest to understand what it looks like to actually be there
Seek guidance, do more research, be prepared, do all your homework(ground research) before choosing any career for yourself
Also look for the future of the career path you are choosing. This will boost the decision making capability.
Good Luck for your future!