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What would be a reasonable salary for a rebar worker?

From things like the typical monthly salary to some of the higher ups within the business, is the payment generally the same across the board? #career #rebar #worker

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2 answers

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Juan’s Answer

In the past, with other companies a reinforcing iron worker helper 1 makes 20$ an hr. Helpers 2 and 3 usally make 2-3$ more an hr, with journey men making roughly 28-34, sometimes more an hr. This is in the industrial/construction/refinery industries. Depending on the company and job, they pay per diem, a daily allowance, 45-100$ a day for every day you work to pay for your hotel, meals or travel trailer rental space. Above all else, WORK SAFE, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY, and SAVE YOUR MONEY!

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Anne’s Answer

Hi Tyler:

The bureau of labor statistics has a great site that provides you with information on salaries, employment projections for the future, and education levels.


Hope this helps!