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what restaurant do you recommend to work at?

I was thinking about being a waitress because it's a good paying job and I can still go to school while also being a waitress. #part-time-job #worker #school #engineer #jobs #waitress

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4 answers

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Michael’s Answer

I think being a waitress while putting yourself through school is a great idea. Working in engineering involves a lot of communication and dealing with people, especially if you want to get into engineering management later in your career. Being a waitress (and/or bar tender) is a great way to build your people communication skills.

As suggested above, make sure to take advantage of jobs in your field of interest as well. Look for internships, co-ops or even entry level construction, manufacturing or engineering technician jobs related to the type of engineering you are interested in. If available, take machining, welding, fabrication and/or electronics classes through a local community college. These hands-on skills will help you gain real world experience that will make you a better engineer in the future.

When I was in engineering school, all students in my major were required to complete three full-time co-ops. We alternated one semester in school, one semester on co-op. This proved to be very beneficial for my career and I found more knowledge was gained by actually working in the field than in the classroom.

You may even be able to take community college classes at lower cost, get a technician job and/or co-op during the day, and then waitress on the weekends or evenings to make extra money. With a lot of hard work you may even be able to graduate debt free!

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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Abagail! Great question! Actually, I was a waitress during college, I worked part time (weekends plus holidays) at a local diner nearby my house. It was great because as a student especially in college it's helpful to have some sort of income and working in a restaurant definitely provides this! I also interacted with many customers and had regulars even, all the while I also learned many skills in communication, confidence and thinking on my feet that I think will help me as a future physician. I would recommend to find a restaurant position that will align with your goals in your education; some restaurants may require longer hours so be sure to mention you are a student and the days and hours you can work. Diners are usually helpful for college students (my manager and boss were very kind and my manager had kids who were in college too so he understood if I had to take off certain days or work limited hours). In addition, places like Olive Garden and Applebees are also good too because you can make a good amount of tips in these employment areas. However, as a little food for thought like I mentioned previously my friend worked in Applebees for some time and her hours did extend to after midnight; therefore this is something to think of again with schoolwork! Your grades should always come first!

I hope this helps!
Best of luck!

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi Abagail V. Thanks so much for your question.

Interesting that you would ask a question about working in a restaurant, with aspirations of going to school and including the #engineering.

It so happens that I worked in a family owned restaurant, though it was long after I graduated from engineering school...but it was also while I had a 9-5 job...that required travel. I share this with you because one of the most important things I learned, in the capacity of a server, that is in serving people, is how to listen. By being a good listener either as a waitress or an engineer, you can be an excellent "server". You can understand what it is your client needs and be in the best position possible to meet (or exceed) those needs.

I have had the pleasure of eating at some fantastic restaurants so I don't know that I can give you good advice on which specific restaurant to chose to work for...but I can advise that you use that time to balance getting your education, and doing your best, in both spaces, to bring new ideas that will bring the best customer experience possible. You will feel the benefits of those efforts in your work...and you may see that in tips too! :)

Best of luck to you!

Hi Nicole. I find your response to Abagail's question very insightful. Sheila Jordan

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Douglas’s Answer

Being a waitress while going to school is a great idea although for the next 6 to 12 months, due to the coronavirus, jobs may be limited in the hospitality field. With respect as to which restaurant to work for, you, with no experience, will probably have to start at one of the chain restaurants. But once you have "enough" experience, get a job at the most expensive, up scale restaurant you can find. You will work just as hard at the chain restaurant as you will at the expensive restaurant. But keep this in mind, a 20% tip on check total of $40.00 at a chain restaurant will be a lot less that the same 20% tip on a tab that is $150 at the up-scale restaurant.

Also, if there is any way you can get a part time job that is in any way related to your major in collage or to the field you would ultimately like to work in - absolutely take that part time job.

Good Luck,