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Career Questions tagged Socialworker

D'asia’s Avatar
D'asia Jul 29 154 views

What piece of advice or perspective can you share as I enter my senior year of college for BSW Social Work? :)

I am excited and was hoping to read perspectives on career pathways starting out in the field, licensing tips, entry level jobs/experiences, and etc.

Andile’s Avatar
Andile Feb 28, 2021 353 views

How does it help us

I'm 17 year old.Am doing Grade 12 and when am done with my grade 12..l wanna be a Foaster care #Socialworker

Jileddys’s Avatar
Jileddys Feb 24, 2021 338 views

What is it like in the nursing career? What is it like in the business side? What is it like as a social worker?

I would love to learn more of all three, im stuck between which one is best for me financially, and mentally because i want to enjoy what i do in the future.
#nurse #business #socialworker #careers #childcare

Faith’s Avatar
Faith Nov 05, 2020 414 views

do you have to do volunteer work if you want to be a counselor?

I'm a Christian who wants to follow Jesus but I'm kind of struggling with that, I want to help and learn about different kind of people. I want to help others and show them that there is always a way to get out of their situations. It's going to be difficult but not impossible. I know that I...

Olivia’s Avatar
Olivia Aug 26, 2018 513 views

What kind of toll does being a social worker take on you?

I recently came to the realization that I don’t really know if I want to be a social worker anymore. But I’m trying to research and hopefully figure it out. I know that being a social worker, they can be some horrid things to see and I don’t know how well I’d be able to handle that....

TNyjah’s Avatar
TNyjah Aug 01, 2018 437 views

What are some ups and downs about becoming a social worker?

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