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What kind of internship opportunities are available to child-development psychology majors?

Asked New Haven, Connecticut

I would like to major in child-development psychology when I go to college this fall. I know most of the course that I would have to take in order to succeed this major, but I would like to know what opportunities outside of the classroom could be available to me to get hands-on experience (i.e. internships, mentoringship programs). #psychology #internship #child-development #childcare

2 answers

Jenn’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington

I answered a question similar to this earlier, about jobs for people who study child development: https://careervillage.org/questions/3715/what-opportunities-are-available-to-people-who-major-in-child-development?page=1#3756

I know you're looking for an internship, but you can look in these sorts of fields, too, in addition to what has already been suggested.

Avi’s Answer

Updated New York, New York

Contact your local school board and see if they have internship opportunities within the schools. Also look for day cares and and after school programs. Otherwise, speak to other people in your area who work in the field, even if they don't have opportunities, they will know people to put you in touch with.

Thank you !
Also,<em> look for daycares</em>