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How many classes do I need to take for the career of a social worker?

I like working with kids but I do not want to teach and I was interested in childcare or social worker. #social-work #childcare

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3 answers

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Professor SIR Lloyd’s Answer

In order to have a very good successful career working with families adults and children you will want to complete your Masters Degree in Social Work with your concentration in clinical psychology. You will after graduation be able to apply for governmental licensure examination as a Licensed Certified Social Worker - Clinician
LCSW- C class

A total of 8 yrs. strait thru college including your summer internships and class capstone externship

please heed my advice do not stop at your Bachelors Degree in this day and age you will have to have a MSW to provide good services and be at the top of your game in your Social Work career.

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Kim’s Answer

You will need at least a Bachelor's degree. There are plenty of good jobs in the general field of "social work" that do not require a Master's. One area worth exploring is Career Advisors. Most of the large colleges and universities have career offices to help students explore career fields, write resumes, learn to interview, and land jobs. Also, there are professional companies that are hired by other companies. Suppose a big company lays off a lot of people. They will hire this other company to help their employees transition to their next job.

I do not recommend that you get your Master's until you figure out where you fit in, and where you are going. This is usually done by getting work experience once you obtain your Bachelor's. You will learn what you like and what you don't. You can't know until you try! There is always a part of a job that you do not like. The question is, do you dislike it enough to let it keep you from doing what you want. Get out there and experience the work world before spending time and money on another degree!

Also, of some concern, we are seeing that people who go straight through from HS to Master's degree are having trouble landing jobs, because of their lack of work experience. They are considered to be underqualified for the positions they want, and, overqualified, because of their advanced degree, for the entry level positions. An internship or two, while good experience, is not going to adequately satisfy the work experience requirement.

Best of luck!

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Angela’s Answer

Hi Erika:

You will need to get a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work so the standard 4 years in college, 2 years in general education and 2 years in your major, social work.

Good luck!