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How can you save money when your future depends on you spending it?

I love music and I plan to become a band director and in order to get accepted into a good music school I need to stay in the band program at my school. To be in the program it costs $1250 each year and $1000 to join a winter program. I love this program but I just don't know if I can afford it...

#careervillage #band #music #money #bandfees #saving

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Anthony S. Jun 29, 2018 377 views

Should I do marching band in college?

I know that in college, marching band is intense and takes a lot of time. Is it fun and challenging and worth the time investment? Or is it not worth the time spent? #band...


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what is a career that would keep me finacially wealthy

i love to play soccer and i have always wanted to be a dentist and so mouth surgery #entertainment...


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Should I quit middle school band?

I’ve done band since 6th grade, and used to love it. Recently though, i’ve lost interest in band and even hate going to class. I don’t even have the motivation to practice anymore. If I do quit, I have nothing else. I don’t play any sports, and band is the only thing i’m doing right now. If I...