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what is average day to be a kpop dancer

I want to be k pop dancer, at South Korea. In the JYP entertainment. #entertainment #dancing

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2 answers

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Terry’s Answer

Very interesting Question. My Daughter fell in love with KPOP and taught her self Korean. She wanted to go and teach English .
If you love to dance it should not matter where you are to do this. If you just love the Genre and want to go to Korea you may want to talk
to your parents first. I was not excited to see my Daughter want to leave the country.
work Hard and always have a backup plan

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craig’s Answer

Up early , organize,shower,dress,eat,out the door,drive,work,exercise loads of it, work, work, and work some more sometimes to very late. Be an acheiver

don,t procrastinate.Work hard, think positively .