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what is a career that would keep me finacially wealthy

i love to play soccer and i have always wanted to be a dentist and so mouth surgery entertainment dental-hygienist

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2 answers

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Tauseef’s Answer

That is a great question. I am not sure why this isn't discussed in schools more openly.

Most job tracks done properly with perseverance and patience pay well. (Dentistry, Biology, Computer Technology, Mathematics, Sports, or Performance Arts). There are some degrees or careers which pay lesser than others but if what you do makes you happy then I think you are wealthier than most.

The most important part though is to understand how to manage money. For this, I would suggest building a strong foundation of habits and ethics. This is important as it leads to spending less on bad habits (alcohol, gambling, or even junk food :) ). It also keeps you focused on the goals you want to achieve. Learn about assets, liabilities and saving. Ask elders around you how people make money(good investments or jobs) and how people lose it(bad investments, scams, bad habits, etc.).

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Tauseef recommends the following next steps:

Read about the occupations you are interested in and talk to people in different occupations.
Ask more questions about specific occupations on this platform.
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Terry’s Answer

I would hate to give you an answer that would just fit the question. There are lots of things out there that can you financially wealthy.
Hedge fund manager is a good one
I will say that working for someone else will rarely make anyone wealthy.
Start a small business and make it grow, There are many young people that have started this in their teens or younger and turn it into a success
do what makes you happy and turn it into something that can make you money