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Should I do marching band in college?

I know that in college, marching band is intense and takes a lot of time. Is it fun and challenging and worth the time investment? Or is it not worth the time spent? Band Marching

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2 answers

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Kim’s Answer


Most people look at the purpose of college as being to help them achieve a successful career. If you think that way, and if your career has nothing to do with music, then, perhaps marching band will not be a good choice. Or, if you think your other subjects will suffer because of your participation in band, then, perhaps it is not for you.

However, I think college is about much more than that. I think it is a transition to adulthood, and, I think sometimes people are in too much of a hurry to grow up. So, if you look at college as the final chapter of your youth, rather than the first chapter of your adulthood, I think it is something worth doing (if it means that much to you). Many people will live for 60-80 years as adults, but only 20 as youths. Enjoy your youth! You don't want to be in a position where, when you are 45 years old, you think, wow, I wish I would have. . . .

BUT: remember, school comes first!

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Terry’s Answer

If you love Marching band in High School then this is a progression of that. If you want to Major in Music then I would say go for it.
I spent time in High School and drum and Bugle Corps and I loved it. I was able to meet many interesting people. If you have time and enjoy it I would also say yes and these are Memories you will never forget.