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About how long does it take you to become an animator?

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2 answers

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Brandon’s Answer

In order to be an animator you need to get a bachelor's degree for the typical degree, with some cases being three years depending on the school. Something that I would recommend that you do is to have some kind of experience working in animation after you graduate whether it is a temporary job or internship. Nowadays, there are animators that create their own animation work and posting it online. If you are able to do that or have high quality examples of your animations it will benefit the chances of you getting a job.

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Amber’s Answer

You will need at least a bachelors degree in most cases (so 3-4 years for your degree). Then 1 to 3 years experience in entry level positions.
Key skills that companies look for in animators are: creative, artistic, communication, computer and time management skills. Also the ability to use animation and video editing software. Sometimes apprenticeships or internships are an easy way into entry level positions.