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What are the best classes to take to become a broadcast news analyst.

I am a middle school student who took a test that said I should be a broadcast news analyst. #broadcast-journalism #sports-journalism #broadcast #schools

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3 answers

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Ben’s Answer

If your school has a newspaper or TV station (or something similar in the neighborhood), those are great places to start. Recording yourself selfie-style on your phone "reporting" in your neighborhood may be just as helpful today.

Echoing the above answers on writing and public speaking (if you want to be in front of a camera) -- both important for journalism careers.

Also, shout out to Detroit! I'm from Harper Woods.

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Kathleen’s Answer

Great question and I find it awesome that you are thinking about this in middle school. I’ve worked in national and international news media, and I have had a successful career. What many students don’t realize is how important it is to excel at the basics — things like history, geography, math, spelling and grammar— ALL of these are essential to building the foundation for a good print or broadcast career in journalism.

If you pay attention to these now — you will have the building blocks needed to take you further along the path into classes like Writing for broadcast or print journalism and Copy Editing.

Never underestimate the basics!! They are key building blocks! I use them every day!

Can you look at a World Map and identify countries? How about states on a map of the US?? I remember seeing a graphic banner on a TV newscast one time that had a huge error — it was a story regarding the border between Austria and Slovenia in Europe. But the banner on TV incorrectly said “Australia” instead of Austria. My first thought on seeing that — how was this gigantic error not caught or corrected by a copy editor — or the person who originally typed it!

Basics are important! Not only for a career in journalism — but for any career.

If you want to be in business or financial news - math is important. History is key too and so are research skills. Having the curiosity to find the facts, and writing skills to create compelling copy have served me well. Research skills are vital!

One thing I’ve done my whole life is to be a “constant learner” - there are always things out there to learn and use in your career and your life. Never stop learning!

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Katrina’s Answer

This is an awecome career field. You should take classes that help with public speaking . A drama class or public speaking may work. You may want to see if your school /community offers toast masters class. It is a good session that helps you perfect your public speaking skills. You should also work towards journalism so that you practice / enhance your writing too.