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What experiences are required to be a Broadcast Journalist?

I currently hold the position of being a news anchor for my high schools television broadcast and have started to gain an interest in pursuing a career in it. #sports #sports-journalism #broadcast-journalism #radio-broadcasting

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Julie’s Answer

Paige,I am happy for you that you enjoy being a news anchor for your high school. That is very exciting that you are taking the first step in pursuing a career in broadcast journalism! I worked in broadcast media for more than 20 years before I decided to take a different route in my career, but I loved every minute of reporting, and telling stories. Experience is so important. You will need to go to a college or university that has a degree either in broadcast journalism or journalism. While you are going to school, I would recommend trying to find as many opportunities you can to intern. Immerse yourself in the industry. Try and find a position (even unpaid!) at a local television or radio station and get as much "experience" as you can. Your degree from school won't mean much if you don't have experience under your belt when you graduate. I will tell you that you can't expect to make a lot of money right out of school. You may have to gain experience in a small market or two before you would be considered for larger markets-higher paying jobs. If you have an innate ability to find out more, are always skeptical and never hesitate to ask questions, then broadcast journalism may be the right job for you. It's very hard work, long hours and sometimes no one is grateful for the work that you do, but if you are up to a challenge-then you might be on the right track. Good Luck.