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4 reviews needed!

Posted on Apr 27, 2017

I want to be nurse

Context: N/A
College: ICC in fulton because they seem like a great college for me.
Other Education: N/A
Activities: When I have time I would go exersice or study.
Job Experience: I use to wash cars and take care of dogs
Soft Skills: time management.
Hard Skills: foreign language, programming knowledge, and typing speed.
Other: N/A #computer-science #math #language

4 reviews needed!

Posted on Apr 27, 2017

Gain multiple roles in Field of FINANCE and be a skilled CPA in ACCOUNTING.

Context: Associate in Art - Finacne; Accounting (May 2017) Bachelor - Finance; Accounting (2019)
College: Broward College (August 2015 - May 2017) Cumulative GPA: 3.58 Associate of Arts Degree Certifications: Accounting Technology Specialist; Business Specialist; Business management; Business Operations
Other Education: Planning: Florida International University OR Florida State University
Activities: American Cancer Society: Relay 4 Life (April, 2014 - June 2015): Student Volunteer and Customer Service Support Tim Canova for Congress Campaign (June 2016 - August 2016): Campaign Assistant/Volunteer
Job Experience: N/A
Soft Skills: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) Excellent communication skills both verbal and written Adaptability; Quick learner Time Management Collaboration; Teamwork
Hard Skills: Skilled in Mathematics Analytical and Statistical Persuasive Speaker Bilingual (English and Burmese)
Other: N/A #business #finance #accounting #marketing #entrepreneurship

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Tyra D. May 18, 2016 474 views

In terms of selecting a minor, which would be most helpful for someone entering the medical field?

I plan to enter the medical field following college and graduate school as I'd like to be an anesthesiologist, dermatologist or dentist. I feel secure in my selected major, but I'm not set on a minor yet and I'd like some feedback on what would help me the most while still allowing me to feel...

#doctor #student #professor #college #advisor #dentist #advice

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Jennifer A. Jan 16, 2017 539 views

How do I get experience towards being a Therapist/counseling with only a BA in Psychology?!

I'm saving money for graduate school, I'm about to get my BA this 2017 Spring and I can't find any experience towards my field of study being a licensed professional counselor. #therapy #therapists #counseling-psychology #mental-health-counseling...


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Kemi L. Jan 18, 2017 425 views

What are some ways to get connections?

Interested in knowing how I can meet more people in the same field...


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Sharon T. Jan 19, 2017 664 views

What are some good tips in writing a professional summary?

I have recently taken the opportunity to sign up for various online profiles that require me to write a professional summary or professional biography for myself. What are some good things to include or mention? How do I present myself in a professional manner in 250 words or under?...

#human-resources #management #executive-office

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Jackie G. Jan 19, 2017 710 views

What are you looking for when interviewing a potential employee?

Body language? Knowledge of your company's mission? Experience? Ambition and willingness to learn? GPA? #college #career #jobs...


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Azandia T. Feb 21, 2017 405 views
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Diana G. Mar 08, 2017 446 views
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Ena W. Mar 13, 2017 480 views

When you choose graduate school, do you think of the costs?

especially business school...


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W. C. Y. Mar 24, 2017 665 views

Is there any suggestions if I hope to become a writer?

What can I do to improve my writing skill? I understand that I would need to read and write more but is there any other methods which would help me to become a better writer? #writer #writing #author #english #english-literature #books #personal-development...


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Joel T. Mar 26, 2017 767 views
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Esther C. Mar 27, 2017 676 views

Is there a career and major that pertains to both journalism and science?

As a high school student, on my way to college, I find myself oddly interested in journalism and science. Thus, I am wondering are there any jobs/careers that will allow me to perform tasks in both these areas. Additionally, what majors are be best for these interests? #career #science...

#journalism #choosing-a-major #college-major #career-counseling #career-choice #career-path

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Izala H. May 09, 2017 479 views

Hi, my name is Izala. I was wondering, if I decided to enroll into a fashion class, would I be able to keep my creations?

I was asking because what if i wanted to keep what I've made would they let me?...


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Omar K. May 30, 2017 624 views

What should I pursue in the medical field?

I am interested in the medical field but I am unsure of what major to pursue in. I am interested in neurology and brain anatomy Any suggestions appreciated! #medicine #neurology...


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Omid E. May 30, 2017 458 views

How to get into a top school when your gonna be attending community college?

Hi my name is Omid and I am a Junior in high school. My GPA is in the range of a 3.3 and I feel that it is not good enough to get into a top school. Because of this I have been deciding a little bit of going to community college. Is this okay and is it still possible to get into a major top...

#university #college #top-colleges #community

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Kevin S. May 30, 2017 604 views

What can I do to improve my chances at entering a decent college?

I'm in the 11th Grade and I am unsure about which college I can get into. The college I'm looking for is one that is known to most people and has many available majors, but does not require the highest of grades(B-C area). Another thing I wonder is if the college can provide the necessary...

#aviation #engineering #aeronautics