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what is it like in the day of a labor and delivery nurse?

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2 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

It is VERY busy! When you get to work you are assigned your patient that could be in active labor, scheduled induction, scheduled cesarean section, or just delivered and now a postpartum patient. As the labor nurse you are responsible for the care of two patients. One the mom who you can see and the fetus who you cannot see. It is your job to make sure your patients are safe and well taken care of to ultimately lead to a delivery of a newborn. You do this based on your patient vital signs and fetal heart rate strip that you are constantly eyeing and following your doctor’s medical orders. A 12 hour day goes by VERY quickly as you are doing a lot of interventions that assist your mom to dilate and deliver. You will perform cervical exams, administer medications, start ivs, admit new patients to the hospital, if a deliver ends up as a cesarean section you will perform duties of an OR nurse and PACU nurse. And when the baby is born you are responsible for postpartum recovery duties along with newborn assessment duties. It is a long and busy day but I would not trade it do anything else!

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Estelle’s Answer

As an obstetrician and gynecologist, I worked with nurse-midwives for many years on the labor and delivery floor.

Midwives work shift work. They deliver babies non-surgically.

They also follow up with pregnant women before their deliveries in the clinic.

I think that it can be a very for filling career if you like the process of having a baby.