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What is the most challenging part about becoming a midwife?

Updated Morrison, Tennessee

Nursing school is required but what is the most challenging part of midwifery more pacifically? #student-midwife #midwife #obgyn #labor-and-delivery #nurse #nursing

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Tanya’s Answer

Updated Portland, Oregon

Thanks for your question, Ashley!  It's a good one.

In college, I was a roommate with a nursing major who specialized in pediatric nursing. Later in life, when I gave birth to my child, I was attended by three midwives.

In all my conversations with them, I think the very hardest part of their work is when babies die. It requires a lot of grief management and support for the mothers, families, and yourself.  

For me, I hold midwives in great esteem. I hope to see you become another member of this great profession.