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Career Questions tagged Youth Leadership

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby L. Dec 18, 2017 464 views

I've seen the We Need More ad on Youtube. How can I contribute to this cause?

I saw Verizon's Youtube ad for their weneedmore campaign about providing more kids the resources needed to pursue science. As a student, how can I contribute? Link for reference: stem women-in-stem youth-leadership youth-advocacy...


Brooke E.’s Avatar
Brooke E. Oct 21, 2016 534 views

What type of degree would I need to be able to get the best job that would be avaliable for me in the works and job offers in STEM?

I am the type that will go for it all, if that means I can get the best possible. But with this sometimes having the best isn't the best for you, like I could have a Ph.D in something and then have someone tell me "You didn't need that to hold a job for you here." And I don't want to do that if...

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Joy Clarisse S.’s Avatar
Joy Clarisse S. May 13, 2016 1735 views

What advice do you have for an aspiring leader?

In the program I'm going into for college, I am a part of a cohort. We are expected to show and learn about leadership qualities. What can I do to further my leadership? leadership leader youth leaders youth-leadership student-leadership leading-people...


Joy Clarisse S.’s Avatar
Joy Clarisse S. May 13, 2016 735 views

How did you get to be successful in youth ministry?

I am going to college to get an M. Div in Pastoral Studies and I plan to be a youth minister. How do I make sure I can be successful in this? leadership youth ministry youth-ministry youth-leadership christian ordained-ministry...