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I've seen the We Need More ad on Youtube. How can I contribute to this cause?

I saw Verizon's Youtube ad for their #weneedmore campaign about providing more kids the resources needed to pursue science. As a student, how can I contribute?

Link for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgao5EKVkSU

#stem #women-in-stem #youth-leadership #youth-advocacy #science

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2 answers

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bridget’s Answer

Hi Abby! As a student, you can study #technology and find out first hand how it will open doors for you!

You can participate by joining events, or doing small activities at home: https://www.weneedmore.com/participate
I think the Morse Code bracelet is VERY COOL and would be an awesome way to communicate to others. Bold, colorful, intriguing too!

To literally contribute, Verizon provides a link to code.org (very deserving non-profit who provides access to all who want to study computer science):


and.or you can also become a Fundraiser for the cause: https://donate.code.org/campaign/computer-science-education-week/c142257/fundraiser/create?amount=NaN you could then use your social networks to promote your page; you might even be able to use your involvement or passion for the cause when writing papers or giving presentations in your school classes.

Stay passionate about STEM -- the best way? Keep asking questions! I do every day.

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Todd’s Answer

Hey Abby
The Answer is simple become a teacher in the field you love most expanding young minds in the right areas is very exhilarating watching your young students learn your experiences that you teach. The world is yours to learn always ask why until you get the right answer.

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