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Beth Apr 29, 2021 298 views

What is it like being a psychologist?

I want to be prepare for when I study psychology. I've always been interested in the human mind and how they function and why they function the way they do. I find it quite extraordinary. #psychology

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Mia May 05, 2021 731 views

What free and virtual summer programs related to medicine can I join as a high school student?

I want to build up my resume and extracurricular activities this summer. I want to join summer programs but they are all really expensive. Is there any free, virtual summer program that's for high school students related to the field of medicine? #high-school-students #high-school #summer...

Edwin’s Avatar
Edwin Apr 21, 2021 400 views

What are some things I should know/look out for if I decide to become a psychologist?

I am a Junior in high school and am considering becoming a psychologist to help others. Are there any tips or things I need to know before going into this field? #high-school #psychology

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Apr 11, 2021 402 views

Are UC (University of California) schools not preferable for premed?

I read something online that UC schools aren't the best for premed because of the amount of students that attend the schools, and because of the harsh grading curve. Is this true? Should I consider applying to other schools such as University of Washington? #doctor #premed #medical_school...

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Carolina Apr 14, 2021 501 views

What do you need to major in order to become a trauma surgeon ?

#surgeon #medical-school #college #trauma #ER #medical-education

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Athena Apr 03, 2021 963 views

What is social life like during premed and medical school?

What are your experiences going into medicine? I've been watching a lot of youtube videos lately, and everyone that I've watched so far spends practically the whole day studying. Is medical school actually non stop studying? I do understand that medical school is hard, but there has to be some...

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Apr 02, 2021 454 views

What should I major in if I want to go to medical school?

Hello, my name is Athena and I am currently a junior in high school. As implied, I'm going to be applying to colleges soon (wow, time really does fly!). I'm actually doing dual-enrollment at my local community college, since I know med school takes a long time. I should be done with my GED...

Athena’s Avatar
Athena Apr 02, 2021 797 views

What are all the steps to becoming a pediatrician?

Hello, my name is Athena and I am currently a junior in high school. Ever since kindergarten I've wanted to be a "kid doctor". I've always enjoyed the sciences more than anything else. However, I'm not really sure how to become a pediatrician. I think you have to get your undergrad degree...

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M Mar 30, 2021 1286 views

What is the hardest part of becoming a dentist and what qualities do you recommend?

I am in college. #dentistry

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Dahlia Mar 29, 2021 2027 views

What is good to minor in if you are becoming a doctor?

I start college this next fall. #medschool

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Naiela Mar 27, 2021 556 views

How did becoming older affect your view of life?

#career #scholarship

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Donovan Mar 24, 2021 340 views

#medicine is med school worth it?

I am interested in going to the medical field #pre-med

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jennel Mar 23, 2021 441 views

What are some underpopulated fields that pays a lot?( I know that I must pick a field that I love, but I don' there isn't something specific that I like.

#field #college #knowledge

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jennel Mar 23, 2021 461 views

What are some steps one can take to chose a career path? I know people always say to do something what you like but through my years at high school I had to cut off everything that I once loved to focus on my studies and because of this I don't have a hobby nor a passion. The only thing I know how to do is study

#need help asap #high-school

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Jadaya Mar 23, 2021 262 views

What are some resources that I can use to study for the SAT?

Im a high school sophomore who was to take the SAT next year. #high-school