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Are UC (University of California) schools not preferable for premed?

I read something online that UC schools aren't the best for premed because of the amount of students that attend the schools, and because of the harsh grading curve. Is this true? Should I consider applying to other schools such as University of Washington? doctor premed medical_school medicine college university UC

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2 answers

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Jennifer’s Answer

Hi Athena,
It is true that some schools are better for premed than others because different schools will have grade inflation (which helps and boosts students) or harsher grading curves, like you mentioned. However, I would take into account many factors besides the number of students that attend the school/their grading scheme. My advice would be to go onto the Reddit for the school that you're interested in, and just drop a question about what the premed classes are like, what opportunities are offered for premeds, to get a sense of what premed life is like there in general (I know for my school's Reddit, I've seen a handful of these questions). It also depends on your major. If you're picking a science-related major like biology, it might be more tough because you're taking on more science (unless that's something you excel in, then that's great!). You can also pick a different major to get a more balanced spread of your classes, balancing between premed classes and your personal interests. Prestige of the school does not matter because medical schools are more likely to accept someone from a school of less prestige with a higher GPA, than someone with a lower GPA from a prestigious school. If you think that UC schools would give you a unique college experience, go for it! And if not, that's okay too :) Hope this helps!
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Hassan’s Answer

I'd research who has the best pre-med programs and What are the best pre-med majors

Contact your preferred Med Schools to see what guidance they might offer. I'd assume the more selective and recognized the Undergrad School is the more it'd help with Med School admission.