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How much time goes into being a real estate agent and how can I manage it?

I have a lot of interest in real estate and want to get to know the business more.Time management # Real estate business college

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2 answers

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Elana’s Answer

Successful agents work fulltime including night and weekends. Tou have to be available when the buyers are open to looking. And carving out time for personal marketing is also important.

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Eula’s Answer

Hello Sean P.

I am so glad that you know so early what you love to do and even more that you love business and especially this industry, real estate.
As an Interior Designer, I have more than 20 years of experience in the Design Industry and work a lot with Real Estate Agents and people who are looking for a home to buy. But before I answer this part, which is very important.
Let's start with your first question.: 1) How much time goes into being a real estate agent and then: 2) how can I manage it?

You do know that every single person on this beautiful planet Earth has the same 24 hours a day, right? And it doesn't matter what type of work they do.
Did you know that 24 hours is 1,440 minutes?
So let me ask you this question, and then I will explain about real estate and some other cool things about it.
How do you spend your minutes and hours every day? That is at the same time the answer to how you can manage it.
Well. most people set aside time for sleep first, then of course, also in showering, eating, getting dressed, and driving. Can't go around without doing those things. So how much time do we really have left? Well, about 14 hours. 8 for work (or school and study) and only about 2 for TV, music, playing, spending time with family, go to parties and whatever you want to do in your free time.
If you do it any other way, you will not be very successful in life.

How much time goes into being an agent and in the business and real estate, really depends on you. If you want to work really really hard and have the time and interest, you can decide on 10 to 12 hours every day, as I do. If that is too much, you can do a part time, which requires anything between 4 to 6 hours. Most people divide 24 by 3 and work 8 hours a day. That is 40 hours a week. and Saturday and Sunday free to do the other things they like to do.

Some people choose to just lay around and sleep or watch TV all day or stay on their phones. (not very productive or useful)
Others like to go on a mountain climbing trip and spend their entire 24-hour slot on the trek. Others are athletes, musicians, teachers, presidents, and mothers or fathers. So not everyone spends their time in the same activities. However, they do divide their time into what is important to them, work is one of them.
8 hours has 480 minutes, as a Real Estate Agent you will have to cut them, (not always in equal parts) into mostly these activities: 1) qualifying homebuyers, 2) finding out what kind of house they will need. (not everyone needs the same kind of house), 3) being a messenger between the seller of the house and the people who want to buy it, 4) explaining the terms of the contract to purchase the house.
There is probably a list of more than 20 to 50 smaller items to do. Understanding home and its price, market, neighborhoods, and legal terms are among them. They are mostly under these 3: PEOPLE, PROPERTY, and the intangible and general CONCEPTS that are the rules of the industry of Real Estate, Law, Market, Sales, Human Character, Finance, Banking, Credit, Value, Contracts and more.

NOW, let me answer part 2 of your question: how can I manage it?
The short answer is: DISCIPLINE. What is discipline?
Discipline is part of the human character and is very important in determining how successful someone will be in life.
It is a quality of a person, do to what must be done. Pretty much like studying and doing homework. Some students will get them done, and others will lie around like lazy people do and never study or do not study or work too hard.
Well, for them, the result is easy to know. Low grades, poor performance and failure. For the student that does go to bed early, wakes up early, and is on time for school. Pays attention to the subjects that interest him, and also those that he needs to work harder at always does his homework and studies for an exam. Well, you know this guy has discipline, even though you know he may have a TV at home or in his room, he prefers to spend his time on the important stuff, before goofing off on having fun only.

Just open the link below or search your dictionary. DISCIPLINE.

NOW, You want to get to know the business more. Real Estate requires the collaboration of many industries, architecture, construction, furnishing, sellers and buyers, financiers and banks, suppliers, legal professionals, and most importantly, the market, THE PEOPLE, who need and want to buy a house. You must know about the industry, Real Estate, yet to be successful you must learn to relate very well to other people, listen to them, understand their needs.

In order to be a good real estate agent, your best feature is yourself, and being a nice and good guy, positive, honest, with goodwill, and wishing good things for others and for yourself.
Let me know if this helps, OK? and if you have any other questions, please do reach out. I'd be happy to answer more of your questions.

time management # Real estate business college

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