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How soon do I need to decide what major I want to study in if I'm uncertain and this is my last year in high school? #time is ticking

Asked Brunswick, Ohio

I need to determine what major I want to focus in at this point. #time is ticking

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Jaclyn’s Answer

Updated Columbia, South Carolina
Hi Jalen, You do not need to declare a major in college until the end of your sophomore year (recommended guidelines, but times can change for everyone). As a senior in high school, I would make a list of all the classes or areas you are interested in taking or those you have taken and liked the subject. In college, there are classes called general education requirements that most schools require you to take, such as a religion class or a health class, to make you a well rounded person. I would recommend taking as many of those courses as possible your freshmen year in addition to one or two other courses in an area you are interested. For example, you would take the general classes of English, Religion, Health, and History, and one specialized class in Business, Psychology, or Chemistry. And you absolutely do not have to continue to take classes in an area if you think it's boring or you just don't like it. Freshman year can be utilized to help you get enough of the general requirements finished while testing the waters to find a major that you love. My freshman year of college I went in with one major, and ended with a totally different major. It's absolutely okay to change your mind and switch majors frequently. If you do not know what you want to go into, that's completely fine. You can talk to your academic advisor, career services, or any other professor about your options once you start school.