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How do you balance your family and faith life within the chaotic and busy event planning industry?

Asked Aurora, Illinois

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Jennifer’s Answer

Updated Dallas, Texas

I am not an event planner, but I feel this is a question that is important for any profession.

Always make sure to include some 'me time' into your schedule. 'Me time' can be anything that you find relaxing. For example, I carve 30 minutes out of my day to sit down with the book I am currently reading. I put away my phone and all things work. I empty my mind and go to another world through my book.

Your 'me time' does not have to be reading. It does not have to be everyday, nor does it need to be 30 minutes. It really is about the 'me' in 'me time'.

Here is a TED talk that came to mind from reading your question: https://www.ted.com/talks/shonda_rhimes_my_year_of_saying_yes_to_everything  

Jennifer recommends the following next steps:

  • Think about activities that you enjoy and leave you relaxed
  • Make time in your schedule for these activities and stick to it
  • Your version of me time may change over time and that is okay

Celeste’s Answer


The struggle to balance is very real in this profession because events cannot be time-shifted to be more convenient for your family's schedule. Luckily, the skills that make somebody a successful event planner will also transfer to managing family and other obligations. Make sure you know in advance what work times are non-negotiable - get them on the calendar early and protect that time. Plan far in advance for family coverage and back-up.

But one of the benefits of event planning is that much of the work is self-driven and can be time-shifted. You can carve out family time and do your event planning at off hours. It isn't that fun to start working again when the kids are in bed, but the trade-off on family time is worth it.

Alice’s Answer


Have clarity on what you really need to do and what you want to do. Do not put all at the same priorities . Look at what is important to you but put that in your calendar. You cannot get everything done and it does not mean that you are a bad person. I have ever come across situation. I put faith first, family second and work third. When things are done with integrity and clarity, everything flows. You just want to work on what is necessary, what is important and disregard anything which is not important.