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There are a variety of paths to becoming an event planner and I'd encourage you to do as much volunteering on events as you can, and also to get a variety of internships. Volunteering on events at your school, school clubs/organizations, local non-profits, your church/community can give you a...

Active Jun 06 '18 at 05:47 PM
Posted by Celeste Cole’s Avatar Celeste C.

Event planning is as fast or slow a process as your lead time allows. What I mean by this is that the time it takes to plan an event will expand into however much time there is prior to an event. Some events are planned for years in advance, others are pulled together in just a few weeks, or...

Active Jun 06 '18 at 05:36 PM
Posted by Celeste Cole’s Avatar Celeste C.

So much of event management you learn by doing, so I'll address that after talking about what to study. I'd advise you to use your college courses not to form you into an event manager, but to give you the building blocks to be a successful professional in general. This is your chance to...

Active May 11 '18 at 05:21 PM
Posted by Celeste Cole’s Avatar Celeste C.

I'm going to approach this question literally - which events are hardest to plan... For me it's the events where your clients/stakeholders are very emotionally attached. The stakes are very high for a wedding - you have a client who may consider this the most important day of her life. Compare...

Active May 11 '18 at 04:55 PM
Posted by Celeste Cole’s Avatar Celeste C.

A typical day tends to include jumping from task to task - there's always a very long list of items to complete and you need to be good at keeping a lot of balls in the air. I might spend time negotiating contracts with vendors, paying invoices, creating menus with a caterer, writing copy for...

Active May 11 '18 at 07:05 PM
Posted by Celeste Cole’s Avatar Celeste C.
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