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What is a day like as an event planner?

I am a senior in high school and have done a lot of research about planning. I was wondering what a breakdown of a day is as an event planner. #business #event-planning #event-management #coordinating-events #corporate-events

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3 answers

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Emily’s Answer

Hi Ameilia,

Planning events really requires strong prioritization, communication, and time management, which are all things you'll get great at as you put your focus toward them!

I held a role with lululemon called "Regional Community Lead" where one of my main responsibilities was planning and facilitating community activations (events) to attract people to the brand and eventually become customers. I essentially leveraged my outlook calendar as a daily agenda and blocked off time to complete administrative work like budgeting and research, I scheduled calls with vendors whenever necessary, and scheduled client meetings there as well. Whenever I began a new project I made sure to take the time to create a work-plan, which I added to my calendar of course, and whenever a project was complete I would write up a recap so that I could reflect on my work and identify areas to improve in the future.

I am not sure that the role exists with the company any longer, but in my latest role with WeWork as a Community Lead I often planned in-office events and followed a similar process! It is certainly worth exploring what sorts of roles are out there for you that get you diverse planning experience!

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Celeste’s Answer

A typical day tends to include jumping from task to task - there's always a very long list of items to complete and you need to be good at keeping a lot of balls in the air. I might spend time negotiating contracts with vendors, paying invoices, creating menus with a caterer, writing copy for an event invitation, creating materials for an event such as name badges, meetings with stakeholders... My day is driven by deadlines - what is due soonest, what can be put off for another day? What items aren't due for a long time, but need thought and consideration now?

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Samantha’s Answer

Hi Amelia,

The typical event planner spends most of his day in the office, speaking with clients and vendors on the phone, by e-mail or in-person. They negotiates contracts with suppliers and facilities, coordinates catering services and creates budgets to project each event's unique expenses.
Long hours are required but this is also a fun and creative job!