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Does doing double major in tech academy at High School worth it?

Asked San Pablo, California

I am a Junior in H.S. right now i am thinking about doing a double major in my tech academy, they have a guaranteed internship if you do this. But i am thinking if its worth it. Two tech classes back to back for the whole senior year. I take college classes at my nearest community college, so i know for a fact that i don't have soo much time to give to something that will not gonna help me or its worth it.

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Jamie’s Answer

Updated California, California
  1. Get a list of the intership companies you will be able to target and see if you like to work in those companies.
  2. Tech is a broad area, which area you like? I'd say cybersecurity and machine learning are a good fields to be in.
  3. Does your tech academy provide you the skill set that is applicable to work in most of the tech firms such as programming or IT management?
  4. Tech Academy maybe a good way to differentiate yourself if the curriculum offered matches the market condition. But if not, it's not a big deal to skip it due to the time pressure you are already under. You are live in the Silicon Valley, there is always jobs in the tech field.