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How can I balance college and working?

Asked Sedalia, Missouri

I have financial struggles therefore I need to work. I need help with managing time and having a balance so I don't stress myself out. #time #work-life-balance

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Raj’s Answer

Updated Middletown, New Jersey

Take the course load based on how much time you need to work. For example, if you plan to work 20 hours per week then my suggestion would be to take no more than 2 or 3 courses. You want to proceed at a pace where you do not get overwhelmed with either work or college. If you take slow pace then you will be successful at both college and work and you will feel good about yourself. If it take more than 4 years to complete college then so be it. Even if you complete college in say 6 or 7 years then you will have a better job and you will have 40 years of your work life to enjoy the financial gains and it will not even matter if you completed college in 4 years or 7 year.