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What are the requirements to become a data scientist?

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Richard’s Answer


I am not a data scientist but in my job I have worked with a few. The data scientist found correlations between multiple data-sets to help our company adjust our strategy after introducing a new product. On the team some of the members were data scientists but many had a few of the "Skill Set's" mentioned below and were learning "On the Job". I hope this helps.

I found this information https://www.discoverdatascience.org/career-information/data-scientist/

Majors for data science are statistics, computer science, information technologies, mathematics, or data science (if available). Minoring in one of the aforementioned fields is also recommended.

Data Scientist Skill Set

  1. Experience and Fluency in many of these computer/coding programs: SAS, SPSS, MATLAB R, Python, Java, C/C++, Hadoop Platform, SQL/NoSQL Databases.
  2. Business Savviness: Data scientists need to understand the business sector they are working in and create solutions to complex problems that align with business logic/objectives.
  3. Communication skills: A data scientist can clearly and fluently translate their technical and analytical findings to a non-technical department. They must also be able to understand the needs of their non-technical departments (such as business development or marketing teams) in order to analyze the data correctly. A data scientist must empower the business to make decisions by presenting robust and verifiable information.
  4. Expert Technical skillsin the following:
  • Math (g., linear algebra, calculus, and probability)
  • Statistics
  • Machine learning tools and techniques
  • Data mining
  • Data cleaning and munging
  • Data visualization and reporting techniques
  • Unstructured data techniques

Richard recommends the following next steps:

  • Here are a few on-line classes (some free) https://www.forbes.com/sites/bernardmarr/2017/06/06/the-9-best-free-online-big-data-and-data-science-courses/#7e0045a343cd

Joshua’s Answer


Use the scientific method with regards to data in all forms and how they relate. Science has no requirements aside from workable tests and provable results. Feedback loop with quantifiable results in any direction.