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How can I be a funny YouTuber and is it worth it

Updated Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

the reason I'm asking is because I want to be a YouTuber and half of my fanbase will be on what type of commentary I will use like have a serious or funny approach and I want to be the best I can .

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3 answers

Anne’s Answer

Updated Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
What's best on youtube is original material. Are you funny? Do your friends think you're funny? Do you get all worked up over politics? Are you artistic and like making movies or animations? Decide what you're interested in and go with that. Watching lots of youtube videos can get you inspired. See who's got the most views, figure out why, and then do something similar, but put your own spin on it. Some people make a lot of money on youtube. Find out who they are and what they do. But people have to want to watch your videos and subscribe to your channel for you to be successful. More views=more $$$.

Joel’s Answer

Hi, Jack. A lot depends on whether you're willing to put the work in up front for long enough to reap the rewards. Many Youtubers have profitable careers, but they had to put several years of work in before they started making enough money to sustain themselves. Two of the things that are crucial are knowing your audience (and adjusting your videos to meet their needs) and consistently uploading videos on a weekly basis.

Gerardo Antonio’s Answer

It really comes down if you are funny or can at least produce funny content to project on a youtube Channel. If not you can probably do a YouTube channel about something else, something you know a lot about or are good with. There are youtube channels that make big money doing the most mundane of activities. The real problem is first getting started, and second get your channel to grow. It is very hard and time consuming but if you are persistant and have good content you will be able to get there!