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How do I build a following on my youtube channel?

Updated San Jose, California

I am a very small youtuber and am curious to know how I should grow my social media channel. #youtuber #media #internet #social #social-media

5 answers

Claire’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
From what I've seen on YouTube, having an overall theme to what you do seems like a common occurrence. I think at the end of the day, as long as you are doing what you like and you are happy with what you produce, you will see yourself as successful. Don't get bogged down on the idea you have to have millions of views though. Many social media accounts, not just on YouTube, are actually managed by companies or the people behind them have a staff as well. Also, link your YouTube with a Twitter and/or Instagram page as well. Having multiple social medias for the same account is very popular. Good luck!

Kranthi’s Answer


Hi Julian,

My answer is, Since people are having smart mobiles and everyone is connected using either whatsapp or facebook, it is better to post your youtube channel in whatsapp group and facebook group and link them into social pages.

It will spread to people who quickly and ask them to share as many as they need.

It will be helpful to you have them as your publisher than your reach to every person.


Anna’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois
Most YouTubers with millions of views are manged by a large company who take a cut of their profits. Here's some more information on that https://www.quora.com/How-do-YouTubers-get-signed-with-management-companies Before getting to that point, I'd recommend not worrying about views and focusing on creating content that you think is really good and you are really proud of. YouTubers rarely set out to be famous- usually, they start making videos because they find it fun and might even be good at it, then viewers came later.

Lena’s Answer

Hi Julian, I work at Google, which owns YouTube, there I work with clients on similar goals. From a free standpoint - one way to grow followers is to create an engaging channel trailer. Get people excited about what you're all about and give them a hook to stay updated and keep watching. From a paid standpoint - there are huge opportunities to advertise and sponsor videos for a really cheap costs (about 8 cents for a promoted view). You can target a very specific audience and show up either before other relevant content or on the right side as a suggested video to watch and explore next. Here is more information on how to get started: https://creatoracademy.youtube.com/page/lesson/ad-promotion. Hope this helps! Lena

Brandon’s Answer

Updated Bothell, Washington

One approach I use when I want further exposure is to use other social media channels to further broadcast the content out. For example, if you have a video specific to a topic, you can use hashtag names for that topic in your post/tweets along with the link to your video. Those who are following those topics, will see the video post in their their feed.

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