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Is being a newscaster hard?

I am thinking about becoming a newscaster for my career in life. #journalism #news #newscaster

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4 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

Becoming a newscaster is very difficult. News stations seek out people who are very Charismatic, good with people, unbiased, and very good speakers. I agree with Steve that interning would be a great start. You would be seeking a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism, and/or communications.
Notice that many news anchors have had to work in the field before becoming an anchor which means a lot of traveling and some news anchors are still required to travel.
Also do some research on the age news anchors were when they became an anchor. You may be able to get promoted faster, but be prepared to work hard and as long as they did.

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Steve’s Answer

Hi, The best thing would be to find out if any stations in your area offer internships in the summer. Then, you can see what it is all about. I'd expect a newscaster is always on-call and works odd hours. But, it really depends on the network, type of news, and location. Good luck!

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Matthew’s Answer

This just in - no

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Todd’s Answer

Always tell the truth in news and always research your information news can be misleading to the public if you don't the right facts.