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Walnut Creek, California
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Oscar Mar 17, 2016 981 views

Is it hard to be in the fashion field?

I take career tests all the time and Fashion is always the career best sited for me but what are the jobs available in fashion and how hard is it to work in fashion and what are the best colleges for fashion. #career #fashion #design

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Oscar Dec 10, 2015 4935 views

Is it hard being a counselor?

I am from California (The Golden State) and I was wondering if it was a hard job to be a counselor for people like a couples counselor or a therapist. #career #counselor #therapists

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Oscar Dec 10, 2015 1248 views

Is it hard owning a restaurant?

I am thinking of opening and owning a restaurant in San Francisco. I was wondering if it was really hard to open it and run it and be successful. #career #restaurant

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Oscar Sep 17, 2015 1517 views

Is being a newscaster hard?

I am thinking about becoming a newscaster for my career in life. #journalism #news #newscaster