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Is it hard being a counselor?

I am from California (The Golden State) and I was wondering if it was a hard job to be a counselor for people like a couples counselor or a therapist. #career #counselor #therapists

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3 answers

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Carol’s Answer

It can be hard, but very rewarding. You must be passionate about helping others. Also, you must find outlets in your free time so that you're not taking home your clients problems with you. The salary is very important to you, it will take some time to get to a decent salary. And you must love paperwork because you gave to document your work if you're at an agency.

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Tamela’s Answer

Hi Oscar,
I'm unsure if you're asking if it's hard being a counselor because you're wondering about the work load and responsibilities as a future career path. It also sounds as if you're just inquistive about what a counselor does--not necesarily to desire that particular field of study, but just wanting to understand what a counselor is and does, which is fine as well. In either case, the first person who posted to your response gave you some very insightful information. Hope it clears up you question.

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Oscar!

Here is a link that will help you understand what being a counselor is all about:

This is a very rewarding and a very demanding field. You must make sure that you have the proper personality to deal with it, as you will be assisting people with very important things in very critical times of their lives. It would be very important for you to take an interest and aptitude test to determine if this is an appropriate career area for you.

Good luck! Keep me posted! Let me know if I can help further.

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