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What's are the steps I have to do in order to become a Substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselor ?

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2 answers

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Alina’s Answer

To become a Substance Abuse counselor you can do the following:

1. Begin by researching the type of pay and work you would like to do. Generally, Counselors with a Master's degree earn better pay and are increasingly in demand
2. Apply and go to a 2 year college and transfer to a university OR go directly to a four year University
3. Work towards and earn a Bachelor's degree in any field (preferably one that assists in developing the subject knowledge in serving people -- although not absolutely necessary)
4. Earn excellent grades, GPA is important
5. Seek student employment serving a population you are passionate about serving or an internship specializing working with individuals impacted by substance abuse
6. Apply to graduate programs in LMFT or Rehabilitation Counseling
7. Earn your degree in Counseling and work towards your state's licensure expectations
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Kim’s Answer

My daughter attended a 4 year college and graduated with a BS in Psychology. As a part of her degree she was required to complete an internship. She applied for a job as a Behavorial Therapist. This is one way that I have the most insight on. Look to see what additional Certificate programs are available.

Thank you ill look into it! Briana H.