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Flora C. Mar 24, 2014 1605 views

What does it take for someone with a Bachelor of Science to get a job in the finance industry?

I know it is not as common for someone with a B. Sc. to work in the finance industry but what are the most important skills I should work on to up my chances of getting a job in the finance industry eg. SAS, programming or financial modelling? #finance #financial-services #banking...

#investment-banking #corporate-finance #commercial-banking #financial-analysis

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Bryant A. Feb 26, 2015 1010 views

How Can One Show Off Their Films Or Motion Pictures To Big Industry?

I Am A Junior In Highschool And We Had A Film Project We Worked On For A Bout A Month And I Really Enjoyed Working On It And Seem to Have A Bit Of Luck And Though Into How To Work The Camera Angles And Edit The Video. I Would Like To Learn More About Filming #film...


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Lexy G. Feb 27, 2015 722 views

Should I go into an accelerated medical program right after highschool or should I get my bachelors?

Hello, my name is Lexy and I am a junior in high school. The university of Missouri Kansas has an accelerated Medical program. In this program you work on your required classes and at the same time you work towards your P.h. in medicine. My question is, if I should get my bachelors first and...

#medicine #doctor

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Xavier M. Mar 17, 2015 589 views

What steps do I need to take as a 15-year old to become a professional basketball player?

I want to find new and better ways to become a basketball...

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Jasson A. Jun 23, 2015 628 views

how do i become a MMA professional fighter

i am going to 11th grade i and i go to Galileo high school. I've fought a couple of times and i haven't lost. i am undefeated so far. i also want to be a creator in building new things #creator #fighter...


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Christopher O. Jun 26, 2015 615 views

When am I able to apply for the NCAA Eligibility Center?

I am 16 years old student at Lowell High School. I am interested in this because I want to be in the same wrestling league as Kyle Dake or Jordon Burroughs. #sports...


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Oscar V. Sep 17, 2015 1084 views

Is being a newscaster hard?

I am thinking about becoming a newscaster for my career in life. #journalism #news...


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Mireya A. Oct 07, 2015 855 views

Is it possible to get a bachelors in science and use it for a RN degree

I'd like to ultimately become a veterinarian but to avoid loans and because I'd like to work as a nurse temporarily, I was wondering if it's possible to get a bachelors in science & use it for the nursing career since that's what is needed to become a Veterinarian. I wouldn't have to...

#veterinary #nurse

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Talayah G. Oct 08, 2015 1232 views
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Dejour G. Oct 09, 2015 961 views

Considering photography as a career any suggestions of colleges to go to?

IDK what to write here just considering photography as a career...


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John G. Oct 09, 2015 1937 views

What are the skills and credentials necesarry for a social media marketer? What would they need to do?

Recently (through a program at my high school) I became a social media intern at a startup company. I have had a great time doing it and it's opened my eyes towards a path in working in social media. I would like to know what employers would need from a full-time social media marketer. Besides...

Abdallah A.’s Avatar
Abdallah A. Oct 13, 2015 1439 views

What is the average salary for a software engineer?

I would like to know the average income for a software engineer in San Francisco California? #engineering...


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Enajia C. Oct 14, 2015 1052 views

what are the best film schools in america ?

because i would like to go to school out of state but i would like to make sure that im spending money on a good school that will help my future...


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Cassandra H. Oct 14, 2015 791 views

What does it take to become an attorney?

I am a senior in high school exploring my career options. What type of personality traits are good to have? How many years of college is required? What should a student looking to become an attorney major in?...