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what kind of college can u go to for a teacher

because i want to be one #college #nurse

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5 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

I hope this article helps: http://www.learnhowtobecome.org/teacher/

In a nutshell, you will need to get a degree in the area you wish to teach. Math teacher, English Teacher, Political science teacher, etc. Next you will need to get your teaching credentials by getting licensed or certified to teach. You can get these types of degrees from any college you want, but you will want to research which college or university is both affordable and provides you with the best education in your area.

Thank you! Alex A.

thanks for saying Caleb G.

thank u for saying Cherokee J.

If you want to become a teacher of elementary school students, you can go to any college that has a teacher program where you could secure a teaching license to teach elementary education. Colleges have programs for elementary education, secondary education (where you need to also get a degree in a specialized field like mathematics, history, etc.), special education, etc. So decide what you'd like, and then go for it! You could also consider going on for a Master's Degree to increase your knowledge and to enhance your job opportunities. In NYC, Columbia Teachers College is an excellent teacher's college (Bank Street is their program), but there are other excellent programs in NYC, including CUNY-Lehman College. Eva Brune

Thank You. It's so interesting Gomathi M.

thank you for giving gift career suriya P.

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Daniela’s Answer

Hi Cherokee,

what kind of grade do you like to teach?

Kindergarten, High School, College.....

Thank you! Alex A.

thank you! Justin S.

i would want to teach kindergarten and work my way up to high school and then college and why i want to be a teacher is because i want to help kids Cherokee J.

thank you. shaheen S.

thank you for giving gift career suriya P.

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Daniela’s Answer

So, in this case you can start with a:

(Online) Elementary Education Degree Programs Resource

An elementary education degree prepares teachers for education jobs with children in kindergarten through the sixth grade. Elementary education programs, many of which are available online from accredited universities, provide the necessary training for persons with a passion for imparting knowledge to children, usually from kindergarten to sixth or eighth grade, depending on the prevailing education system. For some people, an online degree program can be a convenient option for those seeking some flexibility in their studies. A bachelor’s in elementary education program is designed to prepare elementary school teachers with theoretic and practical skills needed to provide quality education to children in a classroom setting. The curriculum for an elementary education major provides a practical understanding of child development and psychology balanced with teacher education. Prospective elementary school teachers are also educated about the need to work with parents and other child caregivers in providing the necessary academic, social, physical and emotional support needed for child development and growth. An elementary school teacher must be caring, with a genuine passion for educating children.

In: http://www.teachercertificationdegrees.com/degrees/elementary-education-degree/
And then, when you decide in which field you want to teach, just get an undergraduate degree or a more specific specialization course.

okay i will start of be doing that thank u Cherokee J.

thank you for giving gift career suriya P.

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Arghya’s Answer

Hi there, hope this helps, The traditional educational route to teaching at the kindergarten, elementary, middle, or secondary school levels is to earn a bachelor's degree from an approved teacher education program. In addition, all would-be public school teachers must become licensed in their state before beginning employment.
Courses in a typical bachelor's degree program in education include student assessment methods, instructional strategies, multiculturalism, and human development. Students complete class work that combines both individual assignments and group projects. Courses may also cover topics in educational technology and communication principles. Most bachelor's degree programs in education also require students to complete some type of practical fieldwork, usually an internship, at a local school where they work directly under the supervision of a licensed teacher.

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Rachel’s Answer

It really depends what type of teacher you would like to be. However the main pathways are generally the same and the options vary but go along the same lines.

  1. You need to graduate high school.
  2. You need to attend a college/university and earn a four- year B.A. degree. You will want to get a bachelors degree in the subject-matter that you want to teach, this makes certification in your state and subject-area feasible. You may opt to minor or double-major in education. You do not need to have a bachelors in education to be a teacher. I would suggest getting a bachelors degree in the subject you would like to teach. (for example: I am an English teacher, I majored in English literature and now have a bachelors in English).
  3. Once you graduate college with your bachelors degree you have a few options:

A. Go directly to Graduate school and obtain your masters in the area of teaching/education you want to teach (ie. Masters of Education, Masters of Teaching, Masters of Secondary English, Masters of Teaching in Secondary English, Masters of Teaching in Elementary, Masters of Special Education etc.). You may also opt to get a masters degree in the subject-are you wish to teach. However, while in graduate school you must obtain a masters degree in some variation of teaching/education. So you will have either a MAT (Masters of Teaching) or MED (Masters of Education). Most graduate schools have one of the two programs and offer a variation depending on the subject (ie. Masters of Teaching in Secondary English or Masters of Education in Secondary English). This option is ussually a fifth year pathway that allows you to student teach at a school while earning your masters degree.

B. You can apply to an Alternative Route to Certification (if you state has options/offers this). This would look like a program like TeachForAmerica, AmeriCorps TutorCorps, or other Teacher Residency Programs (ie. KIPP Teaching Fellows, MATCH Schools, or charter schools that offer Teacher Resident positions. Look up the options in your state or the options available if state is not a boundary for you. During the year or two-year commitment of these programs you would typically also have classes or being earning a masters degree. This option is for teachers who want to start working directly after they graduate college. Some programs lead to Certification in your state and others lead to BOTH Certification and a Masters Degree. The ARC programs lead to 90 day certifications, which then lead to Initial Educator Certification OR Resident Teacher Certification (ALL are pathways to FULL certification in your state).

  1. Regardless of which route you take you will need to take the certification exams in your state. MOST states, including CT (which is the information I know because it is my state) require the PRAXIS exams. You will need to research certification requirements within your own state for more information. However, while you are earning your masters (or after you have earned your bachelors) you will want to also prepare for and take the PRAXIS Core (which can be waived if your SAT/ACT scores are high enough) and the PRAXIS II which cannot be waived and MUST be passed for certification.
  2. Once you have obtained your Bachelors degree AND Masters degree AND Passed your state certification exams AND done some form of students teaching (whether that is during college or in a residency program) you can then:
  3. Go to your state board of education website and complete your certification information.
  4. Then, you can APPLY as a LEAD teacher in the area you are certified.

MOST pathways take 4-6 years. You will be able to start your first year of teaching as a lead teacher generally in year 5 or 6.

This professional recommends the following next steps:

  • Earn a bachelors degree in the subject area you would like to teach in AND or a bachelors in Education.
  • Decide if you want to do a teaching Residency program like Teach For America or if you would like to go straight to graduate school to earn your masters degree.
  • Apply to Graduate schools and Teaching Residency programs. During your senior year of college.
  • Begin your first year of grad school or teaching residency.
  • Earn your Masters degree in Education or Teaching, in the area you would like to teach in.