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Career Questions tagged Fashion Journalism

Malia’s Avatar
Malia Apr 04, 2018 444 views

Journalism in the Fashion Industry

I want to go into journalism for fashion as a career. Where should I start as a student in the tenth grade? #Fashion #journalism #fashion-journalism

bianca’s Avatar
bianca Jan 18, 2018 694 views

What does the future hold for Journalists?

Will there always be 'fake news' or will the news become more truthful? One thing is for sure: Robots can't take our jobs away from us.

#journalism #fakenews #news #robotics #future-careers #broadcast-journalism #fashion-journalism #college-jobs

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Sep 01, 2017 668 views

When should I begin to look for internships?

I plan on working in the fashion industry and I hear more than often that it is extremely competitive. I was wondering when would be a good time to begin looking for internships and/or studying abroad if I'm a college freshman? Thank you! #fashion-merchandising #fashion-journalism...

taajera’s Avatar
taajera Sep 01, 2017 577 views

What are the steps you take in life as a fashion designer to branch out and get noticed?

I am trying to get the best advice in life before I go into this field ive been dreaming of!
#fashion #fashion-journalism #fashion-industry #fashion-photography