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What does the future hold for Journalists?

Will there always be 'fake news' or will the news become more truthful? One thing is for sure: Robots can't take our jobs away from us.

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2 answers

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John’s Answer

After Trumpism, and all its massive corruption and total incompetence, Big Media owners must be subject to new Wall Street and trust-busting (anti-monopoly) laws with German Shepherd fangs--not just Poodle teeth--and this will require many ultra-wealthy Americans to invest in creating powerful and independent liberal-thinking staffers for large metro newspapers. Like the courts, newspapers--powerful ones--are the great levelers in our nation. Open flow of information from or about our government must be available fairly easily--except top secret information--in order that America can avoid another Tragedy of Trump. Let's hope and pray America and the world recovers from Trump's dictatorship.

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Srinivas’s Answer

In days where media houses are increasing with lot of private players investing with interest of getting extremely good returns on the investments, the news will always remain Biased. Even in Government run media agencies they are skewed towards propagating news favoring the ruling party or person. Ideally my understanding about journalism is that its right of speech, Its opinion and Analysis. Journalists need to respect people and opinions. It may be that of Individual or the system. However, now a days journalism has transformed into entertaining people or propagating biased opinions. Media houses are even getting into incorrect practices for increasing the viewership and TRP ratings.