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Career Questions tagged Fashion And Style

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Apr 03 176 views

Do stylists get paid well?

I was wondering how much do stylists (any type of stylist) get paid an hour and how much they would make a yearly / monthly? Is it a stable job that will provide me a future that will allow me to retire early or late?

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Jason Apr 03 173 views

How do you become a stylist?

When I mean how do you become a stylist, I wondering what the qualifications are to become a stylist. I'm curious about what it takes to become either a fashion stylist or a hairstylist.

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Jason Mar 13 165 views

What is the first step in becoming a fashion stylist?

I'm currently enrolled in high school in San Francisco and I have deep interest / passion for fashion but currently I have no idea where to begin or where to start. So I'm asking you guys to share some of your fashion experiences!

Shaun’s Avatar
Shaun Feb 22, 2021 821 views

What are the steps in fashion designing?

I`m Shaun, I have a good sense of fashion. I want to go to college for fashion designing, and someday I`m going to create my own fashion line and sell them in stores. #fashion #fashion-shows #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-and-style

Samira’s Avatar
Samira Feb 17, 2021 423 views

I want to be a lawyer, actress and a model. Is all of this possible at once?

I absolutely love law and acting, modelling and dancing. I really want to pursue all of these professions but I am not sure whether it’s possible for this many careers to keep a balanced life. #lawyers #fashion-and-style #dance #act #model

Kaiah’s Avatar
Kaiah Nov 13, 2020 449 views

What are the best schools for fashion and designing?

I'm a Sophomore in high school and I want to be an entrepreneur in the fashion industry. I know that I want to go to a 4-year university to get my degree in business, but I want to know if I have to go to another school for fashion and design. If so, what schools would you recommend? #fashion...

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Nov 03, 2020 277 views

How to become a good fashion designer?

I can describe myself as a hard worker because when I have a goal I try my best to get it done.
#fashion #fashion-and-style #models #modeling

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Oct 27, 2020 318 views

How do I become a model right now?

I am interested in modeling and fashion. #modeling #fashion-shows #fashion-design #fashion-and-style #fashion

Annette’s Avatar
Annette Sep 30, 2020 631 views

What's a day in the life of a Fashion Designer?

I have always been curious on how a fashion designers life would be either it being for one day, it being a big day ,or a normal day. Clothes was always interesting and seeing how people express it and show it to the world, either it being on TV or social media or even magazines. #fashion...

sanya’s Avatar
sanya Jun 27, 2018 663 views

What are the pros and cons of being a fashion designer?

#fashion-design #fashion #fashion-shows #fashion-and-style

Illeeyah’s Avatar
Illeeyah Jun 27, 2018 436 views

How long did it take you to become a fashion designer?

#fashion #fashion-design #fashion-and-style

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny Sep 01, 2017 629 views

When should I begin to look for internships?

I plan on working in the fashion industry and I hear more than often that it is extremely competitive. I was wondering when would be a good time to begin looking for internships and/or studying abroad if I'm a college freshman? Thank you! #fashion-merchandising #fashion-journalism...

Desiree’s Avatar
Desiree Feb 09, 2017 577 views

What is the salary for you being a fashion model?

My name is Desiree,I've been wanting to become a fashion model and I thought about this 2 years ago. I am 15 years old and I love seeing them women model on for Victoria secret but I would love to have on full clothes. I ask how much salary because I would of love to know about that....

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Jun 23, 2016 893 views

Hi, I am very much fascinated by the glamour industry and want to pursue a career in ramp modeling. What does it take to become a good print model.

I am an aspiring model and want to know about the various aspects of it. #fashion #makeup #modeling #fashion-shows #fashion-and-style

Amreen’s Avatar
Amreen Jun 23, 2016 1157 views

I am a 14 year old girl, I have an interest in Fashion designing and I aspire tobecome a renowned Designer one day. But looking at the competition in the market, I feel like it will be a tough choice for me.please guide

I might not be able to afford a high end training and go to a Fashion school. what would be the best step to take ahead. I don't want to make a mistake and ruin my career. #fashion #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-shows #fashion-and-style

Cam’s Avatar
Cam Jun 10, 2016 614 views

Do I have to obtain a degree in order to be recognized as a fashion consultant?

I have a knack for putting things that the average person would not think about putting together ( an outfit) and receiving compliments on the outfit. #fashion #fashion-and-style

kennedy’s Avatar
kennedy May 25, 2016 1626 views

Is it hard finding work in the fashion industry?

I am thinking about majoring in fashion merchandise in college. However, I am not sure if I'll make enough money after I graduate. #college #money #fashion #careerpath #fashion-and-style

Indira’s Avatar
Indira Apr 12, 2016 816 views

can i be a model if i'm short?

i want to be a model and people keep saying im to short #fashion-design #models #fashion-and-style

Sandra Esesoghene’s Avatar
Sandra Esesoghene Feb 19, 2016 990 views

how should a fashion designer act day by day

hi I'm Sandra and I'm in year 10, the reason why I'm asking this question is that in future I want to be a fashion designer #fashion-design #fashion-shows #fashion-photography #fashion-and-style