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What are the steps in fashion designing?

I`m Shaun, I have a good sense of fashion. I want to go to college for fashion designing, and someday I`m going to create my own fashion line and sell them in stores. #fashion #fashion-shows #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-and-style

Hi Shaun, I am currently pursuing fashion design at my university, and there are a lot of things involved in fashion designing. Do you know how to sew? use a sewing machine/serger? Are you familiarized with making your own patterns and how to label them? these are just some of the things I am currently learning and not everybody starts at the same level. It is hard and very time-consuming so patients is very important. Knowing about fabrics and how to control/manipulate them is also something you can learn in school. Eimee D.

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3 answers

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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Shaun!

That sounds like a great goal. While I don't think completing a fashion design program is always necessary, it would be beneficial to learn about the process of designing your own line before you do so. Here is a link for top fashion schools you can look into:

I would also just use your free time to look into ways of learning more about fashion and use social media outlets that are filled with a wealth of knowledge on your specific passion. You can start small, but you will see a difference in the way you start to think every day about your goals and dreams, and there are no missteps in your journey, as everyone is unique!

I hope this helps :)


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Leen’s Answer

Hello dear, you are a strong girl and you will be sucessfull stylist because you are a hardworking person , just be patient and determined to have energy to continue!

Leen recommends the following next steps:

Good Luck 🤩!

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Sierra’s Answer

In designing a collection some of the steps from start to end are researching mood, color, and fabrics. Sketching (you don't have to hand sketch well as long as you can communicate your idea in some way), knowing how you are going to construct the garment and giving some thought to that (this is where knowing how to sew comes in handy), knowing how you want the garment to fit on the body, assigning fabrics, editing down the looks.

They would teach you all of these things in fashion school. Also I would say internships are important. I learned the most valuable information while doing internships.