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I am a 14 year old girl, I have an interest in Fashion designing and I aspire tobecome a renowned Designer one day. But looking at the competition in the market, I feel like it will be a tough choice for me.please guide

I might not be able to afford a high end training and go to a Fashion school. what would be the best step to take ahead. I don't want to make a mistake and ruin my career. #fashion #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-shows #fashion-and-style

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3 answers

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Nancy’s Answer

Hi Amreen,
Given your age, it would appear you're in high school- if so, does your school offer any classes related to the apparel industry? Maybe check out technical/ vocational schools and community colleges. I understand all too well the cost of a higher education- be sure to apply for financial aid. If you have pieces that you've designed and sewn, see about putting on a fashion show- you would need to find a good location and try to get a newspaper to have a photographer be there or even through the various social media sites. Even where I live, I've seen articles about young people doing just this. Has anyone approached you about designing an item for them? A great way to get your name out there is via word of mouth. When I went to design school, I was picked to teach high school aged students about fashion design. I hope that this helps!

is it possible to find a job now? Alora B.

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Robin’s Answer

Anything you want to do you can. Find mentors in your field who will guide you and help to open doors for you. Volunteer to assist with events such as fashion week or any event in your area that has to do with fashion. The more exposure the more experience. The more people you meet that know you and know what you can do will lead to referrals, sponsors and open doors. Reach out to some of the young designers who have already gone thru doors so they to can assist you on your path. Watch and write to the cast of shows such as Fashion Police, Project Runway. Contact folks like Tara Banks, Iman. Get yourself a FB page highlighting your fashions. Social media is definitely the way to go.

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Shobha’s Answer

To become a fashion designer at the first level you need to have that passion, talent and love for the fashion world. You should know the brands and should have incredible fashion sense. Check out fashion websites, follow blogs of famous designers. follow your favorite designer and practice it on yourself. After that, you can also join a nice fashion school according to your interest. you need to also create your unique touch and style with the apparels you design and later try to connect with small/medium fashion houses to start your career. you can also volunteer whenever possible at the local fashion week to showcase your work. The competition won't matter, if you work passionately. All the best to pursue your dreams.