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Geetha Jun 30, 2016 1036 views

What college is considered the BEST college now?

I'll be attending college soon so I'd like to have an idea as to wha the best college is and why #college #colleges

Camryn’s Avatar
Camryn May 17, 2016 1752 views

Is it necessary to go on a college visit to decide on a college? How do college visits factor in making this decision?\

I would like to go to college out of state and it would be difficult to visit the colleges I am considering. #college #counseling

Zachary’s Avatar
Zachary May 17, 2016 2785 views

Why should I go to college?

I don't know what college to go to

Amreen’s Avatar
Amreen Jun 23, 2016 1367 views

I am a 14 year old girl, I have an interest in Fashion designing and I aspire tobecome a renowned Designer one day. But looking at the competition in the market, I feel like it will be a tough choice for me.please guide

I might not be able to afford a high end training and go to a Fashion school. what would be the best step to take ahead. I don't want to make a mistake and ruin my career. #fashion #fashion-design #apparel-and-fashion #fashion-shows #fashion-and-style