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What's a day in the life of a Fashion Designer?

I have always been curious on how a fashion designers life would be either it being for one day, it being a big day ,or a normal day. Clothes was always interesting and seeing how people express it and show it to the world, either it being on TV or social media or even magazines. #fashion designer #clothes #fashion-design #fashion-and-style #fashion-shows #apparel-and-fashion

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2 answers

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Irena’s Answer

Lots of work !
A lot of meetings and always rushing to meet the deadlines !
It is a very dynamic field and it could be very stressful sometimes because there is a lot of work to be done and sometimes just because you are a perfectionist.
There is a lot of research to be done before starting a new collection, a lot of design developing then testing those design ideas, researching methods to be achieved those designs. Fabric sourcing then sample making, testing those samples, production making sure that everything is going by plan. It requires to have a great eye for details and great sense of knowing when a design is satisfying enough.
Being a fashion designer requires to be amazing in decision making as well, you have to be able to decide on some many thing, from designs to fabrics to embellishments to patter, graphics, suitable models, photoshoot locations, photoshoot style. It is one giant concept that have to be translated into clothes, models, pictures and all of this have to tell the story of your designs correctly.
It is very interesting field and very challenging as well. That is one of the thing that I adore about it, it is never boring but it is almost always stressful.

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Cassandra’s Answer

Hi Annette! I resonate with you as that was my thought process when I was in high school thinking about college. After pursuing a fashion degree and now being in the industry I would say there's versions of the industry. For instance, work life balance was very important for me so that was a huge factor in my job search and is why I went the more corporate life (with the right company of course). I have friends who now work in New York who live a much more fast paced life and do not have the structure that I do working in corporate. Not saying one is better than the other! :)

Thank you! i appreciate it :) Annette L.