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Hello, I'm currently transferring schools to pursue a bachelor's in fashion design. My goal is to have a career in the fashion industry. And I'd like to make haute couture gowns one day!


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Eimee D. Jul 18, 2020 103 views

What should I expect from fashion school?

I'm a first generation college student. I'm nervous going into this career of interest I have knowing I might not love it once I study it for a while. My sewing skills are also not the best but I am eager to learn and try my best. #july20 #fashionschool #motivation...


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Eimee D. Jul 18, 2020 78 views

How can i trained myself to be prepare for fashion school?

I took fashion 101 in high school and will be starting fashion school this fall. I'm familiarized somewhat with sewing and making clothes, but I know I lack skill. Any recommended websites or youtube videos? #july20 #fashion...


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Eimee D. Jun 04, 2020 154 views

Do you know of scholarships for undocumented students?

I'm currently under DACA and would like help in finding scholarships for students like me. Specially any for books and or on campus residency. #scholarships...


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Eimee D. Sep 28, 2018 222 views

Can I get a minor in Music(vocals) while also getting my bachelors in fashion?

I am not really sure how minors work... do they require you to make more work meanwhile your bachelors is something you will be more based on.... does it make your graduation prolong? # #music...


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Eimee D. Sep 28, 2018 382 views

I am planning on getting a Bachelors in Fashion Design, but was wondering if I could get apportunities at other various jobs with that?

For example if I were to have my bachelors in fashion would that only entitled me to jobs at farshion/garment making or could I have more options/choices on what I would like to based my work and skills at? #fashion #fashion-design...


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Eimee D. Jul 06, 2018 281 views

Can fashion designers sell their designs to companies with no ties afterwards?

I onced saw this on a Korean drama where a girl would sell her fashion designs to companies and they would pay her in return. It looked like the company was only interested in the design and wanted the designer to handed down the rigthst to own her design. I am just curious whether this...

#fashion-industry #design #fashion #fashion-design #fashion-merchandising

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Eimee D. Jul 06, 2018 279 views

Where are some good schools or intership places to study/learn more about haute couture?

Ever since I discored Michael Cinco's haute coture fashion designs, I have developed a love for the way he eleganltyl creates and decorates his dresses. They are very unique and intrique to look at which is why I think I have evolve this intertest in learning more about this type of fashion...

#fashion #fashion-shows #fashion-design