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How can i trained myself to be prepare for fashion school?

I took fashion 101 in high school and will be starting fashion school this fall. I'm familiarized somewhat with sewing and making clothes, but I know I lack skill. Any recommended websites or youtube videos?
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3 answers

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Ted’s Answer

Just a word of caution -- there are a lot more people who want to work in fashion than there are good jobs in fashion. There are a lot of fashion schools out there, but you may want to check out what the rate of employment is for graduates of those schools. I've known a few people who have paid the money to go to fashion school and just end up with lots of debt afterwards with no clear path forward to a career.

One way to work in the fashion industry without going to school first is to start an Etsy store and see if you can sell some of your designs. You can start small -- lots of people are looking for face masks right now! -- and you can use it as a way of experimenting and seeing what kinds of things people will buy. You will learn a lot about not only designing and building your garments but about marketing your work to people who want what you're selling. This is a great way of getting experience now, making money, and testing out your design ideas without going into debt first.

The best part about this is that you don't have to WAIT for someone to give you a chance.

Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge and advice! Eimee D.

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Dahyun’s Answer

Hi eimee,

I also studied fashion desing in university and worked as fashion designer almost 2 years.

When I saw your question, I also can remember when I was in university. I wasn't good at sawing, but don't worry about that.
When you are junior, it is okay. But if you want to build up your skill. Just watch the video and read the book.

Key words are "sewing / draping / making patterns" when you search on the youtube.
You can see, diverse way of making clothes.

When you enter the school, extend your sight about the fashion is important. So try to check fashion week and fashion trend. Nowadays, cause the corona virus, you can enjoy lots of fashion show through the internet.

Enjoy your school life, time after time you can make clothes. Because I also did.

Thank you, for your ecouraging words means a lot! Eimee D.

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Justine’s Answer

I think the best thing you can do is to do some research about the industry and the types of career paths available. Some thought starters:

Retail Buyer
Clothing Designer
Textile Designer
Print Designer
Visual Merchandiser
Technical Designer
Product Developer
3D Artist

Take a look at the jobs descriptions for some of these positions and see what appeals to you most, that way you are able to focus your studies and your interests in school.

Chances are that unless you are working for a very small company or go into business for yourself, you actually won’t be sewing in your day to day job function. So, while it is very helpful (and highly recommended) to have a knowledge of garment construction, don’t worry about your sewing skills too much.

Lastly, 3D sampling and 3D virtual development is becoming very important in the Fashion Industry. If you are able, take some courses to help familiarize yourself with this technology.