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Ethan Feb 18, 2021 455 views

How much experience does iPhone photo effects correlate to an actual editing software?

Although I can't add any of my own photos to the question, if you want more information for your answer, all of my work is on my youtube channel . They were all made using iPhone photo editing. Back to the question, I would like to know...

Rheanna’s Avatar
Rheanna Nov 06, 2020 520 views

How do I know I'm going into the right field?

I'm planning on going to school for Kinesiology/ Exercise Science because I love helping others rehabilitate.

Damen’s Avatar
Damen Sep 16, 2020 786 views

How can a poor family possibly afford collage

I'm a 17 year old poor Caucasian male who comes from a poor family. I'm trying to go to college but I didn't start think about it till this summer and don't really have the money for it. #College #broke #poor #help #Computerscience

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Sep 21, 2020 889 views

How do i become a SPED teacher

I want to become a SPED teacher but cannot decide how. #teaching #teaching #teaching #teaching

Christopher’s Avatar
Christopher Aug 27, 2018 533 views

If I want to design games, is experience in that field more important than a college degree.

#College,#Exerience,#Video Game Developement

darshan’s Avatar
darshan Aug 18, 2020 491 views

What to do after undergraduation

Now I'm pursuing my Bcom, i want to do chartered accountant. But i also wamt to do my post graduation can i do both at one time ? #CA #charteredaccountant #postgraduation #education

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Aug 21, 2020 732 views

What do you do if you want to become a teacher ?

#teacher #teacher #k-12-education #colleges

Jaleel Mackey’s Avatar
Jaleel Oct 05, 2015 2278 views

What kinds of career opportunities come to those with a background in animation?

This question comes from a young man who has a love for drawing cartoons and aspires to work at Pixar, one day. He wants to keep his options open (he's considering Dreamworks as an option) and would love to know where else he can work and in what capacity with a background in animation. I would...

Sunrise’s Avatar
Sunrise Aug 04, 2020 525 views

How do I transition from short animations to long ones

So I do alot of animation memes (these if you dont know are short animations often going to a song of some kind sometimes depicting a short story) and I am nervous because for a demo reel I need to have more detalied/perfosional work but I cant really see myself getting out of doing short ones...

Kailyn’s Avatar
Kailyn Aug 30, 2018 521 views

I want to be an elementary school teacher but would it best to be dual certified in elementary education and special education to increase my chances of employment post graduation?

#westchester #education #elementary

Jada’s Avatar
Jada Jun 27, 2018 767 views

I want to be a 5th grade teacher what classes should I take

I want to be a 5th grade teacher what college, and classes should I take? #student #teacher #education #educator #classes

Paridhi’s Avatar
Paridhi Jul 24, 2020 1232 views

What are the differences between Wix, Go Daddy, and WordPress website builders? Pros & cons?

#technology #website-development #entry-level #Wix #go-daddy #wordpress #web-design #website-design #web-development #website #organization #nonprofit #front-end

Tea’s Avatar
Tea Jul 23, 2020 611 views

What are ways to keep children learning in a non-academic setting, especially while quarantining?

With school being online, children being in daycare, the lack of summer camps, clubs, and other activities, it's becoming harder to help children continue to learn in a fun way. Many students, including myself, have found it difficult to learn from online classes: the material just doesn't...

Eimee’s Avatar
Eimee Jul 18, 2020 400 views

How can i trained myself to be prepare for fashion school?

I took fashion 101 in high school and will be starting fashion school this fall. I'm familiarized somewhat with sewing and making clothes, but I know I lack skill. Any recommended websites or youtube videos?
#fashion #fashion-design

Sharar’s Avatar
Sharar Jul 13, 2020 1171 views

I don't know what to pursue in, and I can't find motivation to find it either.

I don't feel motivated by anything to try and find out what I want to do. I thought I might've have wanted to go into the computer science field, but now I realized that it's not the direction I think I should go. So I don't know what I want to do now. #career #computer-science #career-choice...