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Sasha B. Mar 19, 2015 1201 views

What courses are advised that would make my career as a sales management person successful?

Hi, I am a senior in high school and I am not sure of what I want to doin the future but I am looking into the sales management as a possibility. So, I was wondering if I chose this career what courses in college should I take. #management #communications #communication #organization...


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Valerie T. Apr 07, 2015 810 views

Which field of Anthropology offers a high-paid job?

I'm currently a Sophomore in high school and interested in Socio-Cultural anthropology. I would like to double major in anthropology and business/marketing. I want to use my communication skills to open a successful company. #business-management #cultural-studies...


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Andrea L. May 04, 2015 726 views

What kind of career positions are available for someone who majors in anthropology?

I am interested in anthropology and I wanted to discover more about it. Like what are some career positions available? What exactly can you do if you major in anthropology? #college #majors #careers...


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Omar A. May 26, 2015 1392 views

How do I become a good music producer ?

I am in 11th grade and taking IT at my vocational school. I am interested in working with technology and music. #technology #music #music-production #producer...


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Jennica V. Oct 15, 2015 1506 views

How do pastors use technology to write sermons and preach?

I have an IT assignment I am working on. I picked a dream job, (pastor) and now must find out how technology relates to that. And, to be honest, I don't think that they need technology. They do to find verses faster and to make a website to help people find the location of the church and...

#technology #pastor #church