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I want to be a 5th grade teacher what classes should I take

Updated Iowa City, Iowa

I want to be a 5th grade teacher what college, and classes should I take? #student #teacher #education #educator #classes

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Scott’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

This will depend on your college. In order to teach 5th grade you would be looking at completing a BA in Elementary Education program. This program will take you through all the general courses required to teach kindergarten through fifth grade. Most accredited university tie their elementary education programs to the state standards and board exams. Throughout your college career, you will take a number of state tests to prove your skills as an educator. Passing these tests provides you with credentials, in addition to your degree, to teach at the given level. After completing college you will continue our education with professional development to keep your skills up to date.

Scott recommends the following next steps:

  • Consider what state you would like to teach in.
  • Talk to and apply to colleges in the state you on day desire to teach in about their elementary education programs.
  • Consider getting a second degree in special education. Special education certifications are highly sought out as the number of students with special education needs increases.